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How we define a product


Product for us means the defining factor for  entrepreneurship which can full fill the customer need as well as can bring a positive change in the society.  Product for us is a combination of unique idea along with high quality product backed by robust customer service to ensure satisfaction of every single customer.

The entire project,platform,  industry and range of product are designed keeping customer at the centre of our thought process

 Each and every product and service we offer to our customer has to be of the highest quality with defined result at the best price and that is how our entrepreneurs differentiate themselves from others.

Need Identification

Finding Solution Based on Need


We at The EnQ first understand the need of the market, society and an individual. Based on the analysis and market survey we define our strategy keeping in mind customer centric approach.

Talking Business

Unique  & High Quality

Advance Research & Development


With the defined strategy we have an advanced and competent research team which bring that idea into a product with continuous high quality research and development process.

Simultaneously marketing and legal team ensure the road map to success of each and every product.

Package & Delivery


International Packaging & Speedy  Delivery


At The EnQ we believe in the ease of service with highest quality standards that is why we ensure international standards of packaging and collaborated with he best in class delivery system.