Way before the incorporation of The Entrepreneurship Quotient LLP, also known as The EnQ, the only Idea that guided us was of developing entrepreneurs. Because we firmly believe that a country can only grow and develop drastically if it has good number of great Entrepreneurs. But as the numbers suggest, hardly 1% people of the total population has courage to pursue entrepreneurship, the obvious reason being the risk associated with it. It is so big a barrier, millions of people doesn’t even try or give up too early.

That’s where we come in the picture with our Carefully Build Brilliant Business Models which are 100% RISK FREE where anyone can just fit in and try their hands on Entrepreneurship.

For Last 3 years we have been bringing many innovative business models that help people learn entrepreneurship with hands on experience & develop themselves as entrepreneurs from the comfort of their home and without getting involved in any kind of Financial Risk.

So how far have we come with this??  Till now we have successfully developed over 300 Entrepreneurs developing one person at a time with our Team of Highly Trained Entrepreneur Coaches. Through this we could bring change to more than a thousand lives and we are all set to achieve our mission of Developing “One Million” Entrepreneurs. .!!



Co- Founder/Director

Ideation & Strategy

16 years of Corporate and Business Experience.

Worked with Cipla, Alkon, J&J Family Business and Consulting Firms.

Expertise in Entrepreneurship Consulting, Mentoring and Coaching.


Arnab Sengupta


Branding,Marketing and Expansion

11 years of Corporate and Business Experience.

Worked with Sanofi, Boehringer and Expertise in creative

 ideations and Business Development


Jayvant Jani

Co- Founder/Director

Human Resource, Training, Administration

12 years of  corporate and Business Experience.

Worked with Cipla, Sanofi & Boehringer

Expertise in Core Administration, Human Resource Development and Training.

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