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Every New Entrepreneur Developed is The                               Service towards the Nation and mankind.....!!

The Entrepreneurship Quotient was founded in 2017 with a single mission: 

"To develop 1 million entrepreneurs with a life of Health Wealth and freedom of time".

At The EnQ, we believe that every individual is born with an idea of entrepreneurship, a constant thrive to evolve, grow and make his or her life simpler, this entrepreneurial factor we define as The Entrepreneurship Quotient. Working on improving this factor (EnQ) will help in creating more entrepreneurs resulting in individual's own growth as well as contributing to the nation's economy. We are providing every individual a platform to learn as well as implement basics of building any business, we are helping them to create their own market, own brand and nurturing their new Ideas. Here at EnQ we believe that the ultimate goal of an entrepreneur is to establish himself as a brand and become a thought leader in the society.
"We are there to help you become one".

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I have been working as an senior consultant with an MNC giant for quite a long time. Inspite of being associated with big company somehow I was feeling incomplete in life. After some self introspection after talking to my mentors I realised that I am not in right place and decided to become an entrepreneur. The EnQ has given the right platform and knowledge to a person like me who doesn’t have any business background. Now, with in a span of less than an year I have launched my own brand of cosmetics. I believe if I can do this anyone else also can do. Thanks to all my Gurus.




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Dr Vivek Bindra.

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"Kuch to Karna Hoga"

 Have to do something giving up is not and option

I  have always seen the world the hard way. We came form a very humble background where a person works for 12 hours to just meet his means. I worked for years into jute mills, rice mills to some how stand on my feet with my family. I had a dream of doing a business and took a chance in a company as guided by few. 
While i was expecting a good return and planning future of my kids I got the most shocking news of my life. The company I put my entire life saving turned out to be a chit fund. Overnight I lost everything and was forced to start pulling rickshaw and a tea stall to survive.
I always thought that I meant for something good something better but my life was the same and even worse than before.
During all these days there was only one thing in my heart that I should not give up , "Kuch to karna hoga" I need to do something otherwise nothing will change and one day I met people from The EnQ. 
Against all odd I took a decision to give a try as I could feel a part of positivity in the eyes of people in this organisation and rest is now a story to tell. 
Now I am proud franchise owner of a product in The EnQ and I can see a flourishing career for me and my children in future.


Shri Hari Kandar

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